Category: Fun and creativity

  • Here’s how AI visualises your company’s vision

    I had a play with MidJourney to find out if it would steal my job as a visual practitioner or not, and the results were – well – comforting… Technology has always pushed our craft forward Ever since we humans first started using stones rather than our hands to cut and shape things, technology has […]

  • Easy ways to show more diversity in your sketches

    Life is full of all kinds of people, and your sketches can be too, with these ideas and examples. Do you want your presentations and business communications to be more inclusive, and show more diversity, but you don’t want to use those cheesy contrived multi-racial stock photos? Well, help is here! Let’s look at simple […]

  • 10 ideas to get you inspired to sketch

    You want to sketch more…or just start sketching… but it’s hard to know where to start. I hear you. Here’s 10 things to draw, when you don’t know what to draw. I know what it’s like. You want to sketch (or you want to sketch more often), but you can’t really think of what to sketch, so it’s just really […]