Presto Sketching is a book by designer and strategic facilitator Ben Crothers. Ever since high school, Ben hasn’t stopped drawing in some form or other, from cartooning, life drawing and architectural sketching to storyboarding, graphic facilitation, sketchnoting and conceptual illustration.

Ben helps individuals and teams think better, be more creative, and work together better, so that they can have much greater confidence in their lives and their work.

He has facilitated countless workshops for all sorts of companies – from Australian software company sensation Atlassian to the Australian Human Rights Commission – and helped teams ask better questions, generate better ideas, and make better decisions.

Through all of this he has always seen amazing benefits when harnessing visual thinking and visual communicating to explore problems, explain concepts and envision ideas.

Ben has also been teaching sketching for many years, with sell-out classes at General Assembly and companies and creative agencies such as the Commonwealth Bank, Mobile Experience, Tobias & Tobias, and LIDA, to name a few. He has a passion for showing others how to unlock their powers of creativity and synthesis. He achieves this with practical examples and sketching activities that build people’s confidence and skill over time.

And now all of this great teaching — and a whole lot more — is available for you in this book, Presto Sketching.

Praise for Ben’s teaching

Thanks again for an extremely valuable session Ben. You’ve started a quiet revolution internally and the gang are furiously applying what they learnt already 🙂

Simon Tobias, Design & Innovation Consultant, Tobias & Tobias

Your GA talk was super rad… I got a lot from your talk regarding sketching at GA earlier this week.

This class was fun and very engaging and really delivered the intent. It was the first class I’ve attended that ended with spontaneous applause.

Sketching for User Experience Student feedback, General Assembly

Get your copy of Presto Sketching, and start solving problems and unleashing ideas better than you ever have before. Are you in Australia? Get yours at Graphic Gear. Also available on Amazon (of course!)